What's in a Mani Colada Kit?

 Mani Colada Kit Contains :

  • 16 Self-Adhesive Nail Polish Wraps of 8 different sizes

  • 1 Mini Nail File

  • 1 Wooden Pusher Stick

  • 1 Alcohol Swap

How long do the wraps last?

It really depends on the lifestyle of the wearer and the natural oiliness of their nails; however, with proper application our nail wraps typically stays on for 7 to 14 day. Please be sure that avoid submerging your mani or pedi in water for an hour after applying to give the adhesive time to set.  Applying quality Base Coat & Top Coat will extend the protection.  


Are these wraps reusable? 

They are not. Our nail wraps are designed and manufactured for one-time use. It cannot be peeled off and used again.

How long do your nail wraps last once opened?

Upon opening the sealed package, apply your nail wraps immediately. To preserve any remaining nail wraps, store them in an airtight bag and use within 3 months. It is best stored at a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.


Will it fit my nail shape?

Each pack comes with 16 nail strips of various sizes to ensure that it will fit most nail size. The nail wraps can also be trimmed easily on the sides for narrow nails.  Our nail wraps are slightly stretchable/flexible and fit most nail sizes/shapes.


Are your nail wraps safe to use while pregnant/nursing?

Our nail wraps are toxin free and scentless. It is safe to be used during pregnancy. Most doctors are comfortable with their patients getting their nails done; however, what you decide to put on your body during pregnancy is a personal decision that should be made with the guidance of your doctor.  Our products are Cruelty-Free, Vegan and Non-toxic.


Can I apply one nail wrap over another nail wrap?

Yes! Our nail wraps are typically applied to bare nails but it can also be applied to acrylic nails, gel nails or even on nail wraps. We have a variety of  transparent overlay nail wraps that are made for layering.


How can I remove the wraps?

Simply soak your fingers in warm water for 8-10 minutes and gently peel the nail wraps from the corner of your nail bed towards the tip of your fingernails. you can also use nail polish remover.  Once the nail wraps have been removed, wash your hands with soap. We recommend you to apply cuticle oil or hand lotion to hydrate your cuticles and nails. 


Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We ship worldwide. We are based in Southern California, USA. Your nail wraps will be shipped out via United States Postal Service.  Please refer to


Is there a sales tax charge on my order?

There is no sales tax charge unless the order is being shipped to California (CA).


 How do you apply?

1. Wash your hands with soap and water.

2. Remove oil from finger nails with the  alcohol pad.

3. Tear off at silver tab.

4. Remove top clear plastic cover.

5. Peel the polish strip and apply to your nail.

6. Press down on your nail firmly especially all edges. Use the wooden stick to smooth down if needed.

7. File down the excess strip in downwards direction.

8.  Way to go! Repeat the same process on each nail.

9. Apply a quality top coat for extended protection.


Additional Tips from Mani Colada

1. Always start with clean dry hands. Any oil or hand lotions may affect the results of the application.We strongly recommend to clean your nail with alcohol swap or  nail polish remover. 

2. Do you have naturally smooth/glossy/oily nails? Buffing your nail surface lightly before application will help the nail wraps adhere better. You can also apply a quality base coat to protect your nail from moisture going under the nail wrap over time.

3. Apply the nail wraps slightly above your cuticle line. Do not overlap on your cuticle line or skin. Placing it on your cuticle or skin will cause the nail wraps to flip up easily.

4. File downwards and in one direction only. To get a clean finish. Filing in any other direction may cause the nail wraps to lift and air bubbles may occur. 

5. Apply a quality top coat. Remember to 'cap' the tip of your nails to seal it for a longer lasting finish. Refresh with a layer of top coat every 3-4 days to keep the shine. ** Some top coats are not suitable with our nail wraps and may cause shrinkage. Mani Colada Quick Dry Top Coat will be ready soon.  **

6. Avoid water for an hour after application. We recommend avoid submerging your mani or pedi contact water for an hour after applying to give the adhesive time to set.

7. Maximize each pack by cutting the nail wraps into half. If you have naturally short nails or keep your nails short, you can always cut the nail wraps into half and use one strip for 2 nails! Awesome Deal!! 


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We are here for you! 

Enjoy Mani Colada!